Star Trek: Yorktown

Ships Log. Stardate 51032.6

First Officers log,
We were immediately set upon by the six Jem’Hadar attack ships we detected upon arriving in our own time. The Enemy got the first strike in, attacking in packs of 3 and concentrating their fire to cause maximum damage. Their 1st strike almost knocked the hull down by 50%, and damaged the weapons, life support, and operations systems. The escape pods, hull separation system and the primary inertial dampeners were also knocked offline. Return fire hit five out of six attack ships, three of them twice. The attack ships opened the range and engaged their cloaking devices. This is a new development, the Dominion had never shown a willingness to utilize cloaks before but should come as no surprise considering the Jem’Hadar’s personal ability to “Shroud”.

The Yorktown tried to extend the range to gain room to fight, but the attack ships swarmed in under cloak, decloaking to make a strafing run and then re-cloaking again. The attack knocked out the Yorktown’s shields and brought the hull down to 12%, damaging the weapons system, life support and operations systems further. Also the cargo hold replicators, shuttlebay, internal security, and emergency force fields were knocked offline as well. Decks 18-24 on the starboard side of the ship were opened to space when the emergency force fields went offline. We are still searching to account for the crew but I fear that approximately 20 of the crew were blown out into space before the emergency bulkheads closed.

Mr. Bradshaw rerouted power from non-essential systems to bring the shields back online, even if it was only partially, and reinforce the structural integrity fields while the Yorktown jumped to maximum warp, traveling as fast as the space-frame would allow in it’s current status, in an attempt to escape to Starbase 375 while sending out an emergency distress signal. The Jem’Hadar decloaked and gave chase. It became quickly clear that all we did was buy us a little time as they were quickly gaining on us. We opened fire on the closing attack ships, successfully destroying one of them and forcing a second to break off.

As the running fight continued, we received an encrypted message that our tactical wing was on an intercept course to assist us. Our sensors detected that the was a concentration of Verteron particles gathering in the forward deflector of the lead Jem’Hadar attack ship. If it managed to fire that pulse, it would knock out our shields, sensors, and propulsion, dropping the ship out of warp. Fortunately we were able to destroy the attack ship before it could itself fire.

In the nick of time, tactical wing 12 arrived and matched velocities behind the attack ships, driving them away with a barrage of photon torpedoes from the 4 Akira class cruisers and 2 Defiant class escorts. The wing fell into formation with the Yorktown to escort the ship to 375, were we will need extensive repairs.

Captain's Log Stardate 51011.7
Errand of Peace

The war has not been going well, 4th fleet has nearly 50% losses. After repairing at starbase 375, we are ordered to patrol the Cardassian border. Intelligence reports that the Dominion are experimenting on subspace weaponry and have been sighted in the area. Sensors detect a subspace distortion in our area, we go and investigate it. We reach the area of the distortion and discover a large rift leaking neutrinos and gravitons. We launch a probe into the rift and the rift quickly expands and engulfs us damaging our engines and knocking us out.

We wake up and discover that propulsion, shields, and weapons are offline. Sensors indicate that we are several hundred lightyears from our last known location. Further scans reveal we are still in our reality, in the Organian system, and have been pulled back in time to when Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock were stranded there. An Organian comes to the ship and asks us to beam down representatives to their council chamber to discuss a matter of grave urgency. Sensors detect a Romulan warbird from our own era already in orbit but with a different quantum signature from our own, further the warbird seems to be armed with Federation weaponry.

After repairs are made to the engines, the command crew beams down to the council chamber. We have been assured that with the exception of the Romulans all others will see us as Organians, thus protecting the timeline. The Romulan command crew is there to meet us as well, their ships name is the Liberator. The Organians explain that they must make a decision to either stop the Federation-Klingon war or remain neutral and allow the Federation-Klingon war to continue. If they stop the war our timeline will continue and the history that we know will be preserved. If they don’t stop the war then the Romulans timeline will continue and history from our point of view will be changed.

In their history the Federation wins the war, and the Romulans conquer the rest of Klingon space including Qo’ Nos. Our duty is clear we need to convince the Organians to preserve our timeline. Dr. Ariane and Lt. Nabliz succeed in convincing the Organians in preserving our timeline. The Organians inform us that they know what will happen in both timelines and that the Romulans were planning to betray and attack the Federation in their timeline, but needed to hear our arguments anyway before they could make their decision one way or the other. We have defeated the Romulans again and in so doing saved our history and our timeline.

The Organians send us back home, to our time and the place that we left when we first entered the rift. The rift is now closed but 6 Jem’ Hadar attack craft are closing on our position.

Captain's Log Stardate 50999.9
The Enemy Within

The leader of the Jem’ Hadar forces is Neelan who we met the last time we were in this sector. He wants us to hand over the changling and not enter the Badlands. The Captain declines and orders us into the Badlands. Lt. Commander Bradshaw with the assistance of Lt. JG Savet breaks the coded Dominion transmission and discovers that Lt. Fontanelli is the one who sent it.

The Captain telepathically reaches out to Lt. Fontanelli and discovers that he’s not human. Fontanelli changes form and strikes the Captain and also feeds the computer a command code. The Captain disintegrates Fontanelli. Fontanelli’s code has sabotaged tactical ( shields won’t work and our weapons effectiveness has been halved ). The Jem’ Hadar are closing in.

The 2 best people to break Fontanelli’s code are Bradshaw and Savet who are currently at the navigational deflector array and are beamed directly to the bridge, but something goes wrong with the transporter and both men are near death. Dr. Ariane saves them both and puts them in stasis chambers.

I am simultaneously trying to bypass the sabotage while firing on the enemy vessels, at the same time the Captain keeps extending the range and manages to temporarily disengage us from the battle. Unfortunately the Jem’ Hadar sneak up on us and severely damage the ship, and again the Captain extends the range and disengages the ship from battle. I finally free shield control from Fontanelli’s code and promptly raise them, a minute later I regain full control of the weapons, however we’ve taken too much damage to continue fighting.

I repair the inertial dampeners so we can resume warp drive once we leave the Badlands. We leave behind a couple of traps to hinder the enemy. We sneak out of the Badlands and head to starbase 375 for repairs.

Savet will be out of action for 9 days, while Bradshaw will be out 18 days. Security found the real Lt. Fontanelli in a stasis chamber inside his quarters. Apparently he was replaced by the changeling shortly after coming aboard, right after the Dominion – Maquis incident to be precise.

Raid on Toros III: Part 2

First Officer’s personal log: Tactical Wing 12 has successfully destroyed the last 3 Galor class ships that have attacked us, with only major damage to our shields, but otherwise in excellent shape. The central station has blown up, and the wing is forming up to help finish off the shipyards. Victory is ours. On the way home we run into the Defiant, and learn that Deep Space 9 is now in the hands of the Dominion.

When we reach the Badlands Captain Chiun is summoned over to the Sovereign. Upon returning the rest of the fleet leaves the Yorktown behind in the Badlands, and Dr. Ariane and myself are summoned to sickbay by the Captain. In privacy the Captain checks Dr. Ariane to make sure he’s not a changling, the Dr. then tests me and also clears me. Apparently during the fight a coded Dominion message was transmitted from our ship. Dr. Ariane covers the search for the changling as a Psellian fever epidemic, using fake hyposprays that actually take blood samples and inject a plecebo. The entire crew is eventually cleared, but ordered to stay in groups so the changling can’t outmaneuver us. The marines and engineering crew are sweeping the ship with light thermal phaser blasts as the changling is undoubtably hiding as an inanimate object onboard the ship. Shuttlecraft are likewise sweeping the outside of the ship. Ensign Smith has discovered that the coded message was sent through the navigational deflector.

Meanwhile we have been zigzagging through the Badlands, and sensors have detected the approach of 6 Jem’ Hadar attack craft an hour away and closing.

Raid on Torros III

First Officer’s personal log: We are approaching Torros 3 and have successfully shutdown the automated defense satellites. Tactical Wing 12( consisting of the USS Yorktown Galaxy class, USS Geronimo, USS Mateo, USS Spector, and USS Thunderchild Akira class, plus USS Gallant and USS Stalwart both Defiant class. ) separate from their Klingon partners and proceed to their primary target the central station. The Akiras launch their fighters and start bombarding the planet, while we beam the marines over and start attacking the docked ships at the station. We destroy 6 Jem’ Hadar fighters. Lt. Nabliz leading 6 marines and 6 Klingons takes out 4 Jem’ Hadar warriors and 3 Cardassian soldiers. Security force fields go up and block the way to the antimatter conduits, but Lt. Nabliz takes them out with his Isomagnetic Disintegrator. Meanwhile Jem’ Hadar raiding parties beam onto the ship about 11 groups of 6, one of those groups directly to the bridge. We manage to take out all 6 of the enemy, but not before the Captain and Lt. Commander Bradshaw get hurt, Bradshaw critically so. We emergency transport the Captain and Bradshaw to sickbay, where Dr. Ariane saves them both. At this point the marines finish setting their explosive charges, and beam back to the ship along with their Klingon counterparts. The charges are set to go off in 30 seconds. The marines and Klingons immediately join the fight against the remaining Jem’ Hadar left onboard. 6 Jem’ Hadar fighters and 5 Galor class cruisers come out from behind the planet, our wing is ordered to engage and destroy. We destroy all 6 Jem’ Hadar fighters, the Akiras destroy one Galor class cruiser, while the fighters disable another Galor whose warp core is breaching. The last 3 Galor cruisers move into short range and fire on us causing minimal damage.

To be continued, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.

Captain's Log : Stardate 50969.2

It has taken us a week to reach the coordinates given us inorder to rendevous with Admiral Ross’s fleet. For every Federation ship there is 1 Klingon ship in the fleet. The Captain, myself and Lt. Commander Bradshaw meet with Admiral Ross. The fleets mission is to attack and destroy the shipyards at Torros 3. The Yorktown, 4 Akiras, and 2 Defiants make up Tactical Wing 12. The rest of the fleet is to use their computers to disable the automated defense satellites, while we approach the central station and using stolen shield frequencies beam our marines over with explosives attaching them to the antimatter conduits and blowing up the station from the inside. Afterwards our wing is to destroy targets of opportunity and then blowup the shipyards. To get us to Torros 3 undetected we are being attached to the Vorcha class starship Tong’ Ve, we will extend our warp field around them and they will extend their cloaking field around us. It will take us 3 days to reach our target. On the first day out we invite the Klingon command crew to join us for dinner.

Acting Captain's log. Stardate 50950.4
The Fog of War decends

Commander Chi’un Recording

After being debriefed by Admiral Kiel, we hand over all data, wreckage, and the transporter buffer with our counterparts inside over to starbase 39 Sierra. Admiral Kiel informs us that we’re being transferred to Admiral Ross’s command in the Badlands and all our civilians are being offloaded and being ferried back to their homeworlds. The ship is completely resupplied, and gets a company of marines bringing the current ship complement to 600. 3 days later we leave for the Badlands.

War with Cardassia & the Dominon is imminent. All civilians have been ordered to disembark the Yorktown to board ships headed for the core worlds. we’ve taken aboard a full company of M.A.C.O.’s and have been ordered to rendezvous with the massing fleet at the outskirts of the badlands, with the hope that the regions plasma storms will help to mask the fleet.

Until further notice, Starfleet Command has bestowed upon me a Battlefield promotion to the rank of Captain.

Captain Chi’un, USS Yorktown

Ships Log Suplimental

First officer’s personal log: The explosives go off and bring the shields down around engineering. Lt. Commander Bradshaw and 6 marines storm engineering killing 9, with 2 marines getting infected with nanites and 1 marine falling unconscious, before the Borg adapt. In a last desperate act Bradshaw and the last 3 marines succeed in destroying the Vinculum, which frees the rest of our engineering staff and 2 marines from the collectives control. We reboot the computers and retake control of the ship. Internal sensor scans detect our counterparts in the battle bridge, and we promptly capture them with the transporter and leave them in the buffer. Unfortunately Lt. Huss’s pattern degrades in the buffer, while we attempt to stabilize the patterns in the buffer for the longhaul.

Meanwhile in order to distract the Borg cube headed for us, we launch a phony Omega particle aboard a probe and move away at top speed, using Collapsear 49 and silent running to prevent the Borg from detecting us as we make our escape. We make it back to starbase 39 Sierra.

First Officer's personal log stardate 50936.8:

While patroling the Romulan Neutral Zone, we discover an unknown signal coming from the Gamma Lynxis system within Federation space. We go and investigate. The signal is Borg, but the quantum signature is not from this reality. We jam the signal and investigate. The remains of a Borg Tactical Cube lie on the planets surface. The command crew minus the captain beams down to the crash sight. We find eight Borg bodies lying around, still alive and also unconnected from each other and the collective, worse all of them are us plus Captain McCormick and Lt. Huss. Borg Bradshaw stirs and after some questioning allows us to download data from his circuitry. We learn that approximately 2 years ago the ISS Yorktown of the Terran Empire was assimilated at the battle of Alpha Centauri, further that all planets within the Empire have fallen except Vulcan. The Klingons and whats left of the Empire are allied and have built a super ship the ISS Wolf, which is essentially a Doomsday Device only not as powerful. The Wolf apparently attacked their Borg ship causing a reaction and sending a fragment of the ship into our universe, while the rest of the cube was destroyed. The quantum signature of our other selves does not match any of the known mirror universes. We beam our counterparts to sickbay, Dr. Ariane is going to try and remove the Borg parts of our counterparts bodies, I leave a security detail outside sickbay in case of trouble. Meanwhile we contact Starfleet and begin beaming the remains of the ship onboard. Our counterparts escape from sickbay, lock out our command codes, and escape to engineering erecting shields around engineering so that we can’t get in. Sensors detect a Borg cube heading towards us and it will be on top of us in 6 hours. Lt. Nabliz has set demolition charges to knock down the shields around engineering.

To be continued, Lt. Commander Sornak.

First Officer's personal log:

We agree to get the rest of the Arnu from Kir 1, in exchange for all weapons given to the Arnu. We drop off all civilians and nonessential personal on Audron 4. Using navigational coordinates given by Captain Rukin, we run silent into Romulan space. We arrive at the Kir system undetected. The Kir system has 3 planets( 1 class M which is Kir 1, 1 Mars type planet, and 1 gas giant ). We take up a low orbit around Kir 1 and try to establish contact with Dr. Byron. The reply we get back is identified by Captain Rukin as a distress signal from Dr. Byron. A total of 3 groups of 6 Romulans each surround Dr. Byron and are moving in her direction. We use the transporters to drop stun grenades on top of the Romulans taking them out. Dr. Ariane then proceeds to keep the Romulans out with anesthezine gas. We transport Dr. Byron aboard. The plan to save the Arnu is simple, using the ships phasers to first stun the Arnu and then beam them aboard and keep them unconscious for the entire trip back to Audron 4, in order to prevent cultural contamination. It takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to bring the Arnu aboard. 45 minutes earlier we detected a Romulan warbird. On our way out of the system, we orbit to the far side of Kir 1 and make for the gas giant and just as we enter the outer atmosphere a Romulan warbird decloaks around Kir 1. We orbit to the far side of the gas giant and accelerate to warp 9.2, going home the way we came. We emerge from the starcluster that was protecting us from detection, to discover 3 Romulan warbirds coming at high warp speed towards us. Lt. Commander Bradshaw pushes the engines and allows us to attain warp 9.7, which allows us to escape our persuers all the way over the neutral zone. We take a roundabout way back to Audron 4, to drop off the Arnu and pick up our crew.

Admiral Kiel gives us unofficial congratulations on a job well done, Dr. Byron and her associates are to remain on Audron 4 and look out for the Arnu, and Captain Rukin and his crew spend 6 months in a rehabilitation center for arms smuggling.

Thats all for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.


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