Star Trek: Yorktown

Acting Captain's log. Stardate 50950.4

The Fog of War decends

Commander Chi’un Recording

After being debriefed by Admiral Kiel, we hand over all data, wreckage, and the transporter buffer with our counterparts inside over to starbase 39 Sierra. Admiral Kiel informs us that we’re being transferred to Admiral Ross’s command in the Badlands and all our civilians are being offloaded and being ferried back to their homeworlds. The ship is completely resupplied, and gets a company of marines bringing the current ship complement to 600. 3 days later we leave for the Badlands.

War with Cardassia & the Dominon is imminent. All civilians have been ordered to disembark the Yorktown to board ships headed for the core worlds. we’ve taken aboard a full company of M.A.C.O.’s and have been ordered to rendezvous with the massing fleet at the outskirts of the badlands, with the hope that the regions plasma storms will help to mask the fleet.

Until further notice, Starfleet Command has bestowed upon me a Battlefield promotion to the rank of Captain.

Captain Chi’un, USS Yorktown



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