Star Trek: Yorktown

Operations officer's personal log supplemental

Gretel enters the bridge with a disruptor pointed at Sarok’s head demanding we lower our shields. Instead I activate the transporter, disarm her and tranport her to the brig, while sending Sarok back to the other scientists who are working on the cloak detector.

Meanwhile the Romulan warbird opens the range and fires at us doing minimal damage. We return fire with quantum torpedoes hitting and destroying the warbird. Immediate threat terminated.

It takes 24 hours to fix the Apollyon and repair most of our own damage.

Gretel is questioned and we find out the following things, first that she’s a Barolian( a independant race inside federation territory with strong ties to the Romulans ) named Greva and second that she was forced by the Tal Shiar to work for the Romulans or they would kill her twin sister. This infuriates Lt. JG Nabliz so much that he promises to rescue Greva’s sister Aleva.



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