Star Trek: Yorktown

Captain's Log : Stardate 50969.2

It has taken us a week to reach the coordinates given us inorder to rendevous with Admiral Ross’s fleet. For every Federation ship there is 1 Klingon ship in the fleet. The Captain, myself and Lt. Commander Bradshaw meet with Admiral Ross. The fleets mission is to attack and destroy the shipyards at Torros 3. The Yorktown, 4 Akiras, and 2 Defiants make up Tactical Wing 12. The rest of the fleet is to use their computers to disable the automated defense satellites, while we approach the central station and using stolen shield frequencies beam our marines over with explosives attaching them to the antimatter conduits and blowing up the station from the inside. Afterwards our wing is to destroy targets of opportunity and then blowup the shipyards. To get us to Torros 3 undetected we are being attached to the Vorcha class starship Tong’ Ve, we will extend our warp field around them and they will extend their cloaking field around us. It will take us 3 days to reach our target. On the first day out we invite the Klingon command crew to join us for dinner.



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