Star Trek: Yorktown

Captain's Log Stardate 50999.9

The Enemy Within

The leader of the Jem’ Hadar forces is Neelan who we met the last time we were in this sector. He wants us to hand over the changling and not enter the Badlands. The Captain declines and orders us into the Badlands. Lt. Commander Bradshaw with the assistance of Lt. JG Savet breaks the coded Dominion transmission and discovers that Lt. Fontanelli is the one who sent it.

The Captain telepathically reaches out to Lt. Fontanelli and discovers that he’s not human. Fontanelli changes form and strikes the Captain and also feeds the computer a command code. The Captain disintegrates Fontanelli. Fontanelli’s code has sabotaged tactical ( shields won’t work and our weapons effectiveness has been halved ). The Jem’ Hadar are closing in.

The 2 best people to break Fontanelli’s code are Bradshaw and Savet who are currently at the navigational deflector array and are beamed directly to the bridge, but something goes wrong with the transporter and both men are near death. Dr. Ariane saves them both and puts them in stasis chambers.

I am simultaneously trying to bypass the sabotage while firing on the enemy vessels, at the same time the Captain keeps extending the range and manages to temporarily disengage us from the battle. Unfortunately the Jem’ Hadar sneak up on us and severely damage the ship, and again the Captain extends the range and disengages the ship from battle. I finally free shield control from Fontanelli’s code and promptly raise them, a minute later I regain full control of the weapons, however we’ve taken too much damage to continue fighting.

I repair the inertial dampeners so we can resume warp drive once we leave the Badlands. We leave behind a couple of traps to hinder the enemy. We sneak out of the Badlands and head to starbase 375 for repairs.

Savet will be out of action for 9 days, while Bradshaw will be out 18 days. Security found the real Lt. Fontanelli in a stasis chamber inside his quarters. Apparently he was replaced by the changeling shortly after coming aboard, right after the Dominion – Maquis incident to be precise.



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