Star Trek: Yorktown

Enemy Within

First Officer’s personal log: Despite our best efforts the Romulans through a series of clever deceptions kidnap Dr. Muris. Lt. Commander Bradshaw, Lt. Nabliz, and Dr. Ariane succeed in capturing a Romulan agent, who trades away information in exchange for asylum. Thus we learn that Dr. Muris has been taken to Iconia. Commander Data joins us in our rescue mission of Dr. Muris.
We push the warp engines to the limit and arrive at Iconia in 64 hours time. The science officer detects the Romulan Warbird orbiting the planet cloaked. Sensors also detect a large manmade tunnel in the planets surface. Dr. Ariane, Lt. Commander Bradshaw, Lt. Nabliz, the science officer, Commander Data, and 3 marines beam down. Tricorder scans are limited to a 50 meter range. The landing party manages to take out 6 Romulans, while one marine is seriously injured, while advancing through the Iconian maze. Finally the landing party reaches the control room and takes out 4 more Romulans, and finds and rescues Dr. Muris. Dr. Ariane gives Dr. Muris a quick examination and except for being a little roughed up Dr. Muris is fine. Commander Data encrypts the Iconian computers in ancient Babylonian so that the Romulans can no longer access the data in them. The landing party rushes back to the beam out point.
Meanwhile the Romulan warbird goes behind the planet, the Captain expects that we’ll be attacked soon. The Captain dispatches a shuttlecraft to the planet to pick up the landing party, piloted by Lt. Fontanelli. The warbird attacks and the fight is basically a stalemate with the warbird having a slight advantage. Finally in the last exchange we get the upper hand and force the Romulan to withdraw.
Back on the planet the landing party defeats 12 more Romulans losing a marine in the exchange. The shuttlecraft picks up the landing party and docks safely aboard ship. We return back to Zhalkor debrief and finish up. Dr. Muris thanks us all for saving her life, I guess we’ve made a new friend. We return to starbase 39 Sierra for repairs escorted by Enterprise. Dr. Muris takes a transport home. We can all hope that we put a serious dent in the Romulans attempts at time travel.
Thats all for now, faithfullly yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.



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