Star Trek: Yorktown

First Officer's personal log:

We get a transmission from a administrator Landau of Tyrus 1 colony about illegal arms trafficking, and go there to investigate. Apparently an Andorian named Goich and a Ferengi named Zaph got into a bar fight, with both getting arrested, but not before mouthing off about an arms sale in front of witnesses. Both spill their guts after being offered immunity and protection. A Captain Rukin of the freighter Perveyor left with a shipment of weapons( 22 phaser 2’s, 16 phaser rifles, 5 Tectrion pulse emitters, and 1 case of gravitic mines. ) for the planet Audron 4, 3 days earlier. We make the trip in one day. Audron 4 was being investigated by a science team led by the xeno anthropologist Dr. Valerie Byron of Earth, to see if Audron 4 is suitable for Federation colonization. The science team’s job to make sure that no intelligent life forms currently exist on the planet. We beam down to the planet and meet Captain Rukin and Dr. Byron’s assistant Dr. Pilish, and they intoduce us to a new species the Arnu, whom they claim come from a planet inside the Romulan Empire called Kir 1. They claim that they rescued them from the evil Romulans. But the only thing we know for sure is that they violated the Prime Directive and have given the Arnu the weapons that we were persuing. They also claim that Dr. Byron is on Kir 1.

To be continued.



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