Star Trek: Yorktown

First Officer's personal log:

We agree to get the rest of the Arnu from Kir 1, in exchange for all weapons given to the Arnu. We drop off all civilians and nonessential personal on Audron 4. Using navigational coordinates given by Captain Rukin, we run silent into Romulan space. We arrive at the Kir system undetected. The Kir system has 3 planets( 1 class M which is Kir 1, 1 Mars type planet, and 1 gas giant ). We take up a low orbit around Kir 1 and try to establish contact with Dr. Byron. The reply we get back is identified by Captain Rukin as a distress signal from Dr. Byron. A total of 3 groups of 6 Romulans each surround Dr. Byron and are moving in her direction. We use the transporters to drop stun grenades on top of the Romulans taking them out. Dr. Ariane then proceeds to keep the Romulans out with anesthezine gas. We transport Dr. Byron aboard. The plan to save the Arnu is simple, using the ships phasers to first stun the Arnu and then beam them aboard and keep them unconscious for the entire trip back to Audron 4, in order to prevent cultural contamination. It takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to bring the Arnu aboard. 45 minutes earlier we detected a Romulan warbird. On our way out of the system, we orbit to the far side of Kir 1 and make for the gas giant and just as we enter the outer atmosphere a Romulan warbird decloaks around Kir 1. We orbit to the far side of the gas giant and accelerate to warp 9.2, going home the way we came. We emerge from the starcluster that was protecting us from detection, to discover 3 Romulan warbirds coming at high warp speed towards us. Lt. Commander Bradshaw pushes the engines and allows us to attain warp 9.7, which allows us to escape our persuers all the way over the neutral zone. We take a roundabout way back to Audron 4, to drop off the Arnu and pick up our crew.

Admiral Kiel gives us unofficial congratulations on a job well done, Dr. Byron and her associates are to remain on Audron 4 and look out for the Arnu, and Captain Rukin and his crew spend 6 months in a rehabilitation center for arms smuggling.

Thats all for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.



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