Star Trek: Yorktown

First Officer's personal log stardate 50936.8:

While patroling the Romulan Neutral Zone, we discover an unknown signal coming from the Gamma Lynxis system within Federation space. We go and investigate. The signal is Borg, but the quantum signature is not from this reality. We jam the signal and investigate. The remains of a Borg Tactical Cube lie on the planets surface. The command crew minus the captain beams down to the crash sight. We find eight Borg bodies lying around, still alive and also unconnected from each other and the collective, worse all of them are us plus Captain McCormick and Lt. Huss. Borg Bradshaw stirs and after some questioning allows us to download data from his circuitry. We learn that approximately 2 years ago the ISS Yorktown of the Terran Empire was assimilated at the battle of Alpha Centauri, further that all planets within the Empire have fallen except Vulcan. The Klingons and whats left of the Empire are allied and have built a super ship the ISS Wolf, which is essentially a Doomsday Device only not as powerful. The Wolf apparently attacked their Borg ship causing a reaction and sending a fragment of the ship into our universe, while the rest of the cube was destroyed. The quantum signature of our other selves does not match any of the known mirror universes. We beam our counterparts to sickbay, Dr. Ariane is going to try and remove the Borg parts of our counterparts bodies, I leave a security detail outside sickbay in case of trouble. Meanwhile we contact Starfleet and begin beaming the remains of the ship onboard. Our counterparts escape from sickbay, lock out our command codes, and escape to engineering erecting shields around engineering so that we can’t get in. Sensors detect a Borg cube heading towards us and it will be on top of us in 6 hours. Lt. Nabliz has set demolition charges to knock down the shields around engineering.

To be continued, Lt. Commander Sornak.



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