Star Trek: Yorktown

Operations officer's persoal log supplemental

We will rendevous with the warbird D’ Vairin commanded by Commander Modex in 6 days. Admiral Proudfoot randevous with us en route to the meeting via runabout USS Hudson bringing 4 others with him, 1 human James Jones his aid, 1 betazed Lt. Rhiems from starfleet intelligence, and 2 vulcans Lt. Stellock and T’ Ral.
We brief Admiral Proudfoot and his companions in on all relavent information concerning the current situation. Admiral Proudfoot and Dr. Suklar are in agreement, that all data and material concerning the gravimetric bomb must be destroyed. Further that the knowledge within the minds of our Romulan guests can and will be erased, so that the Romulans can’t duplicate their work on the gravimetric bomb. It is also decided that our Romulan guests won the battle planetside in order that they save face and therefore are able to be welcomed back into Romulan society.

Unexplained occurences are happening onboard ship. First internal sensors detect a small burst of Gamma rays indicating a small matter/ anti-matter reaction, second a micro communications burst is discovered between 2 locations, and third 2 components from the gravimetric bomb are missing.

Biometric and voice print ID of Admiral Proudfoot are the only recorded entries of anyone entering the locked lab where the gravimetric bomb is stored. However logs also indicate that Admiral Proudfoot was in holodeck 2 at the same time. How can he be in 2 places at the same time? Lt. JG Nabliz discovers the missing components inside the Admiral’s runabout and sends them to the lab for testing as evidence. Lt Commander Chiun discovers 2( 2 second ) gaps in the runabouts log. The tests on the components comes back and that Admiral Proudfoot’s DNA is found on them. However there is a quantum level variation in the DNA, meaning that someone has replicated the Admirals DNA on the components. The conclusion is that someone or several someones are trying to frame the Admiral. We must discover who is behind this plot and time is running out.

This ends my pesonal log for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Sornak.



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