Star Trek: Yorktown

Operations officer's personal log

All 3 cloak detectors have been assembled and connected to the ships sensors. Lt. Commander Bradshaw tells off Dr. Kragen for being abusive to the crew. Captain Chiun chews out Lt. Commander Bradshaw for doing so and orders him to apologize to Dr. Kragen. Lt. JG Nabliz sets up a randomized test to see which team tests their cloak detector in order. The order is as follows: Sarok is first, Lt. Nakamura is second and Dr. Kragen goes last. Sarok’s test seems successful identifying 4 cloaked Romulan warbirds patroling across the neutral zone. Lt. Nakamura’s test is a failure detecting nothing. Dr. Kragens test is inconclusive showing slight detection values of four Romulan ships but in different locations from Sarok’s test. Lt. JG Nabliz suggests getting copies of each teams blueprints of their work, replicating their equipment and doing their tests again in order to dublicate their results scientifically.

The freighter _SS Genevieve _sends a audio distress call, that it is being attacked. We immediately rendevous with the Genevieve’s last known coordinates, finding the Genevieve completely destroyed. Using Sarok’s cloak detector, we discover a Romulan warbird crossing back over the neutral zone toward Romulan space at maximum speed. Initial inspection of the debree results in finding the cause to be disruptor fire. However checking our computer records, we discover that the Genevieve had been decommissioned. Further inspection of the wreckage discovers that the ship was rigged to blow.

We are ordered to rendevous with the _USS Fortunate _to drop off our guests so that they may return home. On the way we receive another distress call from the freighter SS Apollyon, on its way to Geronimo IV with 200 colonists, that its under Romulan attack. We immediately go to the Apollyon to render assistance. Upon arrival we discover that the Apollyon has been heavily damaged. The Captain of the _Apollyon _notifies us that the Romulan ship cloaked approximately 2 minutes ago. We attempt to use Sarok’s cloak detector to find the Romulan ship but it doesn’t work and Sarok doesn’t know why. Next Dr. Kragen attemts to utilize his cloak detector and discovers that its been tampered with. Sarok and Dr. Kragen both go to their equipment, Sarok to discover why his detector isn’t working and Dr. Kragen to pinpoint the tampering with his detector, Lt. Nakamura accompanys both of them to assist.

Meanwhile we extend our shields around the Apollyon. Lt. Commander Bradshaw and Dr. Ariane( 496 is a designation not a name. My apologies for the confusion. ) Lead the away teams to the Apollyon, the former to effect repairs and the latter to heal the wounded. The worst of the wounded are beamed over to our sickbay. It is agreed that we’ll escort the Apollyon the rest of the way to Geronimo IV.

Sarok finds nothing wrong with his detector, it should be working. Dr. Kragen finds a burnt-out device that shouldn’t be there. Lt. Commander Bradshaw beams back to the Yorktown. Upon examination its discovered that the device sent out a message to Romulan space communicating the harmonic frequency to Sarok’s detector, and that the only 4 people who knew the frequency were Sarok, Gretel Vandermark, Lt. Commander Bradshaw, and myself. Sarok determines that Dr. Kragen’s detector might work better if anti-proton particles were used instead of tachyon particles.

Just before that however the Romulan warbird began its attack on us. Because we’ve extended the shields around the Apollyon we can’t maneuver. Still we managed to inflict roughly 68.3% damage to the warbird, while only receiving roughly 37.5% damage to ourselves for the moment. Just before the warbird cloaked again Lt. JG Nabliz beamed over live grenades onto the warbird’s bridge and auxillary bridge.

At the same time Lt. Nakamura hailed the bridge and informed us that Gretel Vandermark attacked everyone where the cloak detector equipment is with a phaser on wide angle stun and that Gretel and Sarok are nowhere to be found. We activate the intruder alert just as Gretel enters the bridge with her phaser pointed at Sarok’s head.

To be continued, Faithfully, Lt. Sornak.



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