Star Trek: Yorktown

Operations officer's personal log 50233.4, USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C, Lt. Sornak reporting:

We have picked up admiral Edward Proudfoot senior in order to deliver him to starbase 39 Sierra for diplomatic talks with the Romulans. Along the way we find a disabled Orion freighter and render assistance. We bring most of the Orion crew onboard because it’s going to be several days before the Orion ship can be repaired. The Orion chief engineer is sent to sickbay to recover from both a heart attack and radiation sickness. Dr. Ariane 496 saves his life.

We encrypt our computers to prevent our Orion guests from gaining access to sensitive material. The Orions bring their cargo over to our cargo bay for safe keeping telling us its medical supplies for the planet Pselles 3. However in doing a count of the Orions we seem to be coming up 1 short in the tally. We initiate an internal sensor scan to find out exactly how many people are actually on board ship, this takes 5 hours.

During this time captain Smug of the Orions gives Lt. Commander Chiun a small holographic device of a dancing Orion slavegirl as a gift for assisting them. Further captain Smug asks permission if a few of his people can perform for the crew, and permission is granted and is to take place in 10 forward.

Shortly after that security detects a breach in the computer systems and pinpoints the source from one of the cabins belonging to the Orions on deck 6. Lt jg Rykk Nabliz takes the Orion into custody for questioning. The files in question were personal files of the crew, fortunately none of the files were of deck plans or sensitive tactical data of the ship. Shortly after that the internal sensor scan is completed and we discover 1 extra person on board. After removing all those wearing com-badges 63 remain unaccounted for. After 40 minutes of additional scanning the anomoly is pinpointed on the stardrive section in cargo bay 1 where the Orion cargo is stored. The scan reveals one Vulcanoid life form, further scans reveal the lifeform to be Romulan. At this time scans pick up unauthorized communications from the captains ready room. On inspection the communications appear to be coming from the gift captain Smug gave to Lt. Comander Chiun. Eventually Lt. jg Nabiiz captures the Romulan spy Rokan and throws her in the brig. The rest of the Orions join her. Dr. Ariane 496 discovers that the medication for the people of Pselles 3 is useless to them and starts working on medicine that will help save them.

We drop admiral Proudfoot off at starbase 39 Sierra and give him custody of the Romulan spy, so he can use her as his ace in the hole against the Romulans in his negotiations with them. Further we also keep the situation with the Orions under wraps, for the admiral feels that everything is related and needs every card he can play against the Romulans.



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