Star Trek: Yorktown

Operations officer's personal log stardate 50315.3, USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C, Lt. Sornak reporting

We have returned to starbase 39 Sierra after the Sha’ Arik adventure. Admiral Keil the sector commander, Captain Jorak commander starbase 22, and Commander Doleo starfleet intelligence debrief us personally. The information we reveal about the previous mission disturbs them deeply.

Our next assignment is to rendevous with the starship Laredo and pick up Dr. Suklar a Romulan physicist, then ferry him to the USS Montgomery which is studying Collapsar 49( a blackhole thats sending out warp wave emissions ).

After picking up Dr. Suklar near the Uiono’s star system( which is a starfleet weapons practice range ), we discover a derelict ship in orbit around the first planet. Further investigation reveals that there are actually 2 ships there, but the second is just rubble. The first ship is identified as the USS Armstrong, lost 200 years ago at the start of the Earth-Romulan war. Dr. Suklar identifies the other ship as the Radix, a Romulan Tellus class starship, from his own historical memories of the war. We send a boarding party over in EVA suits and access the computer core of the ship, finding the captains last log entry. Captain Yammamoto’s final log talks about victory over the Romulans, that his ship is disabled, and the hope of Earth coming to rescue them soon. Further examination of the Armstrong reveals all the shuttles and most of the life pods missing. The landing party returns to the Yorktown.

We immediately start scanning the planet. A gravitic implosion occurs near the planets south pole and a transmission is intercepted revealing that the descendants of both the Armstrong and the Radix are living under the planets surface and are still fighting the Earth-Romulan war of 200 years ago.

Asking for guidance from starfleet, we are ordered to resovle the situation and Dr. Suklar is appointed Romulan ambassador by the Romulan high command. After contacting both sides, we send a landing party to each. Lt. Commander Bradshaw, Dr. 496, and myself beam down to the Human camp, while Dr. Suklar and Lt. JG Nabliz donning a Romulan naval uniform, beam down to the Romulan camp. After speaking to each side it becomes apparent that neither side wishes to end hostilities.
Lt. Commander Bradshaw tricks the current Captain Yammamoto and has us beamed up to the ship, the tranporter chief disarms Yammamoto’s people and beams them to the brig to cool off. Then we send a detachment of marines with phasers on stun to capture the rest of the Humans down below and we beam them to cargo bay one where Dr. 496 starts treating them immediately.

Meanwhile Lt. JG Nabliz realizing that the Romulans only have martial weapons quickly stuns all of them and disables their last gravitic bomb, then has all the Romulans beamed to cargo bay two.

We are currently heading to the Neutral Zone to meet up with Commander Modex’s ship
to return the Romulan nationals we have on board. Along the way Admiral Proudfoot will rendevous with us to handle the negotiations.

This ends my personal log for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Sornak.



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