Star Trek: Yorktown

Operations officer's personal log supplemental

Lt JG Nabliz gets Admiral Proudfoot to submit to a full medical scan, putting to rest Dr. 496’s doubts about his identity and clearing the Admiral in our investigation. Admiral Proudfoot then checks the flight recorder of his runabout, USS Hudson ,and discovers that the log was jammed. Further analysis of the shuttlebays flight recorder shows that it was also jammed.

After rendevousing with the D’ Vairin, Commander Modex, Ambassador Stavell, and two aides Mer’ Ev and T’ Ba beam over to commence negotiations with Dr. Suklar, Admiral Proudfoot, and his staff.

A gamma burst is detected coming from the secondary negotiations room, where James Jones,T’ Ral and Mer’ Ev are gathered. Lt JG Nabliz investigates and discovers that gamma bursts are coming from T’ Ral’s and Mer’ Ev’s data pads. Mer’ Ev draws a Romulan holdout disrupter while T’ Ral presses a button on his data pad. Lt. Nabliz manages to stun Mer’ Ev just before T’ Ral and Mer’ Ev beam away to the Hudson. Lt. Commander Bradshaw manages to override the _Hudson’s _computer from the bridge, preventing the Hudsons escape. The two fugitives are promptly beamed into the brig and all items are confiscated. The Hudson is tractored back on board.

Dr. 496 discovers that T’ Ral is actually a Romulan posing as a Vulcan, and he was trying to pass complete plans of the gravimetric bomb to Mer’ Ev. Fortunately those plans are confiscated and destroyed. Upon further inspection of T’ Ral’s devices it is learned that they are powered by a matter/antimatter energy cells and that they allowed him to mimic Admiral Proudfoot’s voice and DNA patterns as well as jam the various flight recorders. All mysteries are thus solved. The Romulan refugees get to go home and get reintegrated into Romulan society. Dr. Suklar gets dropped off on the starship _Laredo _in order to study Collapsar 49. And we drop the Human refugees, Romulan prisoners, Admiral Proudfoot, and the rest of his staff at starbase 39 Sierra.

Unfortunately Lt. Stellock has disappeared with both components of the gravimetric bomb that were in security lockup as evidence.



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