Star Trek: Yorktown

Raid on Toros III: Part 2

First Officer’s personal log: Tactical Wing 12 has successfully destroyed the last 3 Galor class ships that have attacked us, with only major damage to our shields, but otherwise in excellent shape. The central station has blown up, and the wing is forming up to help finish off the shipyards. Victory is ours. On the way home we run into the Defiant, and learn that Deep Space 9 is now in the hands of the Dominion.

When we reach the Badlands Captain Chiun is summoned over to the Sovereign. Upon returning the rest of the fleet leaves the Yorktown behind in the Badlands, and Dr. Ariane and myself are summoned to sickbay by the Captain. In privacy the Captain checks Dr. Ariane to make sure he’s not a changling, the Dr. then tests me and also clears me. Apparently during the fight a coded Dominion message was transmitted from our ship. Dr. Ariane covers the search for the changling as a Psellian fever epidemic, using fake hyposprays that actually take blood samples and inject a plecebo. The entire crew is eventually cleared, but ordered to stay in groups so the changling can’t outmaneuver us. The marines and engineering crew are sweeping the ship with light thermal phaser blasts as the changling is undoubtably hiding as an inanimate object onboard the ship. Shuttlecraft are likewise sweeping the outside of the ship. Ensign Smith has discovered that the coded message was sent through the navigational deflector.

Meanwhile we have been zigzagging through the Badlands, and sensors have detected the approach of 6 Jem’ Hadar attack craft an hour away and closing.



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