Star Trek: Yorktown

Raid on Torros III

First Officer’s personal log: We are approaching Torros 3 and have successfully shutdown the automated defense satellites. Tactical Wing 12( consisting of the USS Yorktown Galaxy class, USS Geronimo, USS Mateo, USS Spector, and USS Thunderchild Akira class, plus USS Gallant and USS Stalwart both Defiant class. ) separate from their Klingon partners and proceed to their primary target the central station. The Akiras launch their fighters and start bombarding the planet, while we beam the marines over and start attacking the docked ships at the station. We destroy 6 Jem’ Hadar fighters. Lt. Nabliz leading 6 marines and 6 Klingons takes out 4 Jem’ Hadar warriors and 3 Cardassian soldiers. Security force fields go up and block the way to the antimatter conduits, but Lt. Nabliz takes them out with his Isomagnetic Disintegrator. Meanwhile Jem’ Hadar raiding parties beam onto the ship about 11 groups of 6, one of those groups directly to the bridge. We manage to take out all 6 of the enemy, but not before the Captain and Lt. Commander Bradshaw get hurt, Bradshaw critically so. We emergency transport the Captain and Bradshaw to sickbay, where Dr. Ariane saves them both. At this point the marines finish setting their explosive charges, and beam back to the ship along with their Klingon counterparts. The charges are set to go off in 30 seconds. The marines and Klingons immediately join the fight against the remaining Jem’ Hadar left onboard. 6 Jem’ Hadar fighters and 5 Galor class cruisers come out from behind the planet, our wing is ordered to engage and destroy. We destroy all 6 Jem’ Hadar fighters, the Akiras destroy one Galor class cruiser, while the fighters disable another Galor whose warp core is breaching. The last 3 Galor cruisers move into short range and fire on us causing minimal damage.

To be continued, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.



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