Star Trek: Yorktown

Ships Log. Stardate 51032.6

First Officers log,
We were immediately set upon by the six Jem’Hadar attack ships we detected upon arriving in our own time. The Enemy got the first strike in, attacking in packs of 3 and concentrating their fire to cause maximum damage. Their 1st strike almost knocked the hull down by 50%, and damaged the weapons, life support, and operations systems. The escape pods, hull separation system and the primary inertial dampeners were also knocked offline. Return fire hit five out of six attack ships, three of them twice. The attack ships opened the range and engaged their cloaking devices. This is a new development, the Dominion had never shown a willingness to utilize cloaks before but should come as no surprise considering the Jem’Hadar’s personal ability to “Shroud”.

The Yorktown tried to extend the range to gain room to fight, but the attack ships swarmed in under cloak, decloaking to make a strafing run and then re-cloaking again. The attack knocked out the Yorktown’s shields and brought the hull down to 12%, damaging the weapons system, life support and operations systems further. Also the cargo hold replicators, shuttlebay, internal security, and emergency force fields were knocked offline as well. Decks 18-24 on the starboard side of the ship were opened to space when the emergency force fields went offline. We are still searching to account for the crew but I fear that approximately 20 of the crew were blown out into space before the emergency bulkheads closed.

Mr. Bradshaw rerouted power from non-essential systems to bring the shields back online, even if it was only partially, and reinforce the structural integrity fields while the Yorktown jumped to maximum warp, traveling as fast as the space-frame would allow in it’s current status, in an attempt to escape to Starbase 375 while sending out an emergency distress signal. The Jem’Hadar decloaked and gave chase. It became quickly clear that all we did was buy us a little time as they were quickly gaining on us. We opened fire on the closing attack ships, successfully destroying one of them and forcing a second to break off.

As the running fight continued, we received an encrypted message that our tactical wing was on an intercept course to assist us. Our sensors detected that the was a concentration of Verteron particles gathering in the forward deflector of the lead Jem’Hadar attack ship. If it managed to fire that pulse, it would knock out our shields, sensors, and propulsion, dropping the ship out of warp. Fortunately we were able to destroy the attack ship before it could itself fire.

In the nick of time, tactical wing 12 arrived and matched velocities behind the attack ships, driving them away with a barrage of photon torpedoes from the 4 Akira class cruisers and 2 Defiant class escorts. The wing fell into formation with the Yorktown to escort the ship to 375, were we will need extensive repairs.



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