Star Trek: Yorktown

Ships Log Suplimental

First officer’s personal log: The explosives go off and bring the shields down around engineering. Lt. Commander Bradshaw and 6 marines storm engineering killing 9, with 2 marines getting infected with nanites and 1 marine falling unconscious, before the Borg adapt. In a last desperate act Bradshaw and the last 3 marines succeed in destroying the Vinculum, which frees the rest of our engineering staff and 2 marines from the collectives control. We reboot the computers and retake control of the ship. Internal sensor scans detect our counterparts in the battle bridge, and we promptly capture them with the transporter and leave them in the buffer. Unfortunately Lt. Huss’s pattern degrades in the buffer, while we attempt to stabilize the patterns in the buffer for the longhaul.

Meanwhile in order to distract the Borg cube headed for us, we launch a phony Omega particle aboard a probe and move away at top speed, using Collapsear 49 and silent running to prevent the Borg from detecting us as we make our escape. We make it back to starbase 39 Sierra.



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