Star Trek: Yorktown

First Officer's personal log:

We get a transmission from a administrator Landau of Tyrus 1 colony about illegal arms trafficking, and go there to investigate. Apparently an Andorian named Goich and a Ferengi named Zaph got into a bar fight, with both getting arrested, but not before mouthing off about an arms sale in front of witnesses. Both spill their guts after being offered immunity and protection. A Captain Rukin of the freighter Perveyor left with a shipment of weapons( 22 phaser 2’s, 16 phaser rifles, 5 Tectrion pulse emitters, and 1 case of gravitic mines. ) for the planet Audron 4, 3 days earlier. We make the trip in one day. Audron 4 was being investigated by a science team led by the xeno anthropologist Dr. Valerie Byron of Earth, to see if Audron 4 is suitable for Federation colonization. The science team’s job to make sure that no intelligent life forms currently exist on the planet. We beam down to the planet and meet Captain Rukin and Dr. Byron’s assistant Dr. Pilish, and they intoduce us to a new species the Arnu, whom they claim come from a planet inside the Romulan Empire called Kir 1. They claim that they rescued them from the evil Romulans. But the only thing we know for sure is that they violated the Prime Directive and have given the Arnu the weapons that we were persuing. They also claim that Dr. Byron is on Kir 1.

To be continued.

Battles of Cheron Part 2

First Officer’s personal log: We meet with Senator Tomek and give him a copy of all the data on Senator Kassus and Centurion Vekiron. Senator Tomek agrees to help out against Senator Kassus, mission completed. We return to starbase 332 back on our side of the neutral zone.

One week later Admiral Kiel orders us back to the neutral zone to rendevous with Senator Kassus aboard the warbird Hakara and escort it to starbase 332 for diplomatic meetings. Upon our return to starbase 332, Senator Kassus beams over with his entourage to begin the diplomatic process, meanwhile a fleet of Federation starships begins to amass around starbase 332 including the Enterprise. The following day Captain Chiun attends an emergency meeting with Admiral Kiel and all the other starfleet captains at starbase 332, apparently there is a chronoton disturbance coming from the Kahara system in the neutral zone. Admiral Kiel and the Enterprise are leading a 56 ship fleet to Kahara to deal with the situation. Senator Kassus and the Hakara are coming along to supposedly assist us. Along the way we intercept a message from Senator Kassus to Vekiron saying that his actions are endangering the mission and to decloak and pretend to surrender. We inform the rest of our fleet and spring Kassus’s trap. Kassos’s house fleet of 25 warbirds and 45 smaller ships decloak and attack, sensors also indicate chronoton disturbances coming from an Iconian outpost as well as Vekiron’s ship the K’ Tara. Admiral Kiel orders that the Iconian outpost must be destoyed first, but in order to do that we must punch a hole through the Romulan fleet first. The Yorktown engages a warbird crippling it with 85% damage, while only receiving a small scratch in return, thus making the opening we need to attack the Iconian outpost 5 other ships join us( 1 Akira class, 2 Nebula class with tactical pods, and 2 Defiant class starships ). We locate the main power source of the Iconian outpost and target it enmasse, destroying it completely. Enroute to our next target the K’ Tara we find the Enterprise in trouble with 4 warbirds. The Yorktown with the 5 ship taskforce in tow completes a pair of Chain Collision maneuvers against 2 of the 4 warbirds destroying all 4 warbirds, and saving the Enterprise in the process. 20 more Romulan warbirds decloak from the Praetor’s personal fleet, with Senator Tomek in command, in order to place Senator Kassus under arrest and order his fleet to stand down. The K’ Tara activates a time window and goes through, the Yorktown pursues. Both ships find themselves in the year 2160 on the day of the end of the first Romulan war. The K’ Tara heads to the Charon system to change the final outcome of the war. We overtake the K’ Tara and knock it out of warp and place the warbird in a tractor beam and using the Tractor Disruption Maneuver, take its engines offline and cause its reactor to self destruct. The Romulans abandon ship and we beam them all into cargo bay 1. Vekiron tries to escape in a shuttlecraft, but we end up destoying it and Vekiron. Meanwhile the K’ Tara’s blackhole reactor destroys the ship. We slingshot around the nearest star to return to our own time, overshooting the time we left by 18 days. We report in and discover the Senator Kassus that was taken into custody was in fact a changling, who promptly escaped back to the Dominion. Well at least we prevented the Romulans from changing the timestream this time, even though we’re due for a long visit with the Department of Temporal Investigations.

Well thats all for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.

Battles of Cheron Part 1

First Officer’s personal log stardate 50812.6: Admiral Kiel and Captain Doleo come aboard and give us our next assignment. We are to go to planet Genar 4, which is 9 lightyears across the Romulan boarder, to see Senator Tomek and convince him to stop Senator Kassus from fulfilling his plans to become Praetor. We board an Orion freighter commanded by Diner Keris. Unfortunately we get sold out to Centurion Vekiron’s people.

After some brief interrogations we get sent to the Dilithium mining planet Tuvia. After several days we get contacted by Lt. Commander Markus from Starfleet Intelligence, who has been undercover as a guard in the prison. Lt. Commander Markus arranges to meet us at the entrance to the mine at midnight. We manage to neutralize the first four guards at the first two checkpoints, relieving them of their disrupter rifles, and manage to sneak by the last two guards at the last checkpoint. We rendevous with Lt. Commander Markus and he returns the stuff taken from us when we were captured, furthermore he removes the explosive ankle bracelets we were forced to wear. Next Markus takes us to the shuttlebay, where we blow through the wall and take out the six guards inside the bay. We then steal a shuttle with a cloaking device, and spot Centurion Vekiron’s ship once we reach orbit. We engage the cloak and continue our mission to Genar 4, arriving there in several days.

To be continued, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.

Enemy Within

First Officer’s personal log: Despite our best efforts the Romulans through a series of clever deceptions kidnap Dr. Muris. Lt. Commander Bradshaw, Lt. Nabliz, and Dr. Ariane succeed in capturing a Romulan agent, who trades away information in exchange for asylum. Thus we learn that Dr. Muris has been taken to Iconia. Commander Data joins us in our rescue mission of Dr. Muris.
We push the warp engines to the limit and arrive at Iconia in 64 hours time. The science officer detects the Romulan Warbird orbiting the planet cloaked. Sensors also detect a large manmade tunnel in the planets surface. Dr. Ariane, Lt. Commander Bradshaw, Lt. Nabliz, the science officer, Commander Data, and 3 marines beam down. Tricorder scans are limited to a 50 meter range. The landing party manages to take out 6 Romulans, while one marine is seriously injured, while advancing through the Iconian maze. Finally the landing party reaches the control room and takes out 4 more Romulans, and finds and rescues Dr. Muris. Dr. Ariane gives Dr. Muris a quick examination and except for being a little roughed up Dr. Muris is fine. Commander Data encrypts the Iconian computers in ancient Babylonian so that the Romulans can no longer access the data in them. The landing party rushes back to the beam out point.
Meanwhile the Romulan warbird goes behind the planet, the Captain expects that we’ll be attacked soon. The Captain dispatches a shuttlecraft to the planet to pick up the landing party, piloted by Lt. Fontanelli. The warbird attacks and the fight is basically a stalemate with the warbird having a slight advantage. Finally in the last exchange we get the upper hand and force the Romulan to withdraw.
Back on the planet the landing party defeats 12 more Romulans losing a marine in the exchange. The shuttlecraft picks up the landing party and docks safely aboard ship. We return back to Zhalkor debrief and finish up. Dr. Muris thanks us all for saving her life, I guess we’ve made a new friend. We return to starbase 39 Sierra for repairs escorted by Enterprise. Dr. Muris takes a transport home. We can all hope that we put a serious dent in the Romulans attempts at time travel.
Thats all for now, faithfullly yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.

The Winds of War

First Officer’s personal log: We arrive at starbase 375 Captain Chiun beams down immediately to meet with Admiral Ross along with 200 other starship captains. The Cardassians have allied themselves with the Dominion. Intelligence suggests that the Dominion and Cardassians are going to invade the Federation, their goal the Kalandra system. Our goal to stop them. Our Wing 462 is comprised of us, another Galaxy class starship the USS Bunker Hill, the Intrepid class USS Bellepheron, the Norway class USS England, and 2 Centaur class ships the USS Gorgon and the USS Chimera. Captain Hill of the Bunker Hill is in overall command. We offload our civilians.
Before we leave information about figuring out how to make our shields useful against polaron weaponry is transmitted to the ship, our science and engineering officers are working on the problem on our way to our patrol area. We get attacked by one Jem’ Hadar Warship and six Jem’ Hadar attack ships. We take light damage overall but are forced to drop out of warp and break formation with the other ships, however we manage to destoy all six attack ships and hurt the warship badly enough that it is forced to retreat. The important thing is that both our chief science officer and our chief engineer figured out how to make our shields work against polaron weaponry.
Admiral Ross thinks the attack on Kalandra is just a ruse for something else and sends our wing to Bajor. When we get there we discover that a Trilithium device had exploded near Bajor’s Sun. Fortunately it exploded too far away from the sun to make it go supernova. We spend a week at Deep Space 9 for repairs.
Next we’re headed back to Starbase 39 Sierra, to deal with more Romulan problems undoubtably.
Along the way we find a Maquis ship being persued by 3 Jem’ Hadar attack ships and one Gaylor class cruiser. The Maquis enter Federation space and we apprehend them, much to the dismay of the Cardassian Captain persuing them. If not for the leader of the Dominion forces named Nelan, battle would have been forced upon us. Nelan fed us a bunch of bull how the Dominion wants peace between them and us, obviously their other actions say otherwise. I suppose we’ll be seeing him again.
We drop the Maquis and their ship off at starbase 375 and pick up our civilians, and head out to starbase 39 Sierra.
Thats all for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.

Know your enemy

First Officer’s personal log: President of the UFP Sheras Roserev of Andoria beams aboard Yorktown, making the Yorktown Starfleet One. We rendevous with Qo’ Nos One and Chancellor Gowron comes aboard for a banquet. Both ships are going to Galga 6 for a conference with the rest of the major known powers of the alpha and beta quadrants except the Cardassians, the topic of discussion is the Founders.
At the very beginning of the conference on Galga 6 Chancellor Gowron produces a very old bottle of Klingon Blood Wine and he and President Roserev share a glass. Within seconds President Roserev collapses. President Roserev has been poisoned with a poison specifically lethal to Andorians. Dr. Ariane saves the presidents life. Examination of the cork finds its been pierced by a micro-needle.
The command crew goes to see Chancellor Gowron to ask a few questions. Gowron tells us that he bought the Blood Wine from the Ferengi Ambassador Glerk. We go see Ambassador Glerk and an assassin hits Glerk with a poisoned dagger. I capture the assassin but not before he hits me with a poisoned dagger as well. All three of us get emergency transported to sickbay. Dr. Ariane saves Glerk and myself, but the Romulan assassin dies from his implants.
The rest of the command crew goes to the Romulan residence and confronts the Romulans with the facts and are taken prisoner by three Changlings posing as Romulans. While this is going on Dr. Ariane gets me back on my feet as well as the President. The three of us beam back down to continue the conference. Meanwhile the Changling posing as Sela explains her evil plan to the Captain then sets out to do it, activating a canister of poison gas in the room with the rest of the command crew in it. The command crew break out of their bonds and deactivate the canister in the nick of time. They find their gear and blast their way out of the room, immediately contacting me of the plan in motion. Two Changlings disguised as Klingons are going to kill the President.
I save the Presidents life and get us beamed back to the Yorktown. The two Changlings get vaporized. The fake Sela beams back to the Romulan ship and the Romulan ship starts breaking orbit. The Yorktown and Qo’ Nos One force the Romulan to surrender. I ask President Roserev to take command of the Yorktown while I lead our marines aboard the Romulan ship. I lead everyone to Sela’s quarters and found Sela and two others bound and gagged. Dr. Ariane confirms that the three that are tied up are not changlings. I remove Sela’s gag and ask her if she saw her fake self, she replies that the Changling turned into gas and went into the air vent. I order the air vents sealed and all rooms connected to it searched, we don’t find anything. I order the sealed vents opened to space, all that falls out is a piece of metal from the vents. The next thing that happens is that the changeling beams away from outside the spaceship. The Changling’s mission failed, but one Changling escaped. The only thing to come out of the conference is that once again the Federation and the Klingon Empire find themselves allies against a common foe. For saving the Presidents life the entire command crew received the Starfleet Medal of Valor.
Our next assignment is to go to starbase 375 and meet with Admiral Ross.
That all for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.

First Contact

The Taurhai did’nt send us back to starbase 22 but to Earth instead. We immediately pick up a planetary distress signal from Federation President Rosarev, that Earth is under attack by a Borg cube. President Rosarev is ordering all starfleet ships within 30 lightyears to respond. We put all the civilians in the saucer section and seperate the ship, taking the stadrive section to attack the Borg cube. We get in a bunch of good shots until the Enterprise shows up and directs the fleet on how to destroy the cube. A Borg time sphere emerges from the destroyed cube and proceeds to go back in time with the Enterprise right on their tail. The Enterprise returns victorious, having defeated the Borg in the past.

This ends my log for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Commander Sornak.

The Experiment

Two weeks later we’re back patroling the neutral zone, when we recieve a distress call from starbase 22. They say they’re under attack by an unknown race. We go to maximum warp and arrive 13 hours later. Starbase 22 is heavily damaged, sensors report quantum torpedos and graviton residue damage on the starbase as well as a subspace distortion nearby. Lt. Commander Fal contacts us and reports that a huge snakelike ship a kilometer in length attacked the station and that they were able to beam through their shields and kidnap the command crew and a vulcan scientist named Sparan. The aliens are said to look like Klingons only not as burly. Lt. Commander Fal informs us that the casualty problem is under control, and we contact starfleet to send a fleet as well as repair ships for starbase 22. We launch a probe at the subspace distortion which has the effect of pulling us through it. Sensors inform us that we have arrived on the other side of the Romulan empire. We are confronted by a 1500 meter long ship that looks like a chinese dragon. Sensors tell us that the alien ship has a gravity drive. They open hailing frequencies, but it takes several minutes for the universal translator to make sense of their language. They ask us why we’re here and we tell them to recover our people. At first they think I’m a Romulan but we explain that I’m a Vulcan. They tell us that the subspace experiment that starbase 22 was conducting was causing harmful radiation upon one of their planets, we apologize for that. They beam through our shields onto our bridge and access our records and decide that we’re telling the truth and that we have much in common. They wish to start negotiations with us. They tell us that they’re the Taurhai and that they fought the Romulans for 30 years, which coinsides with the Romulan absense in dealings with the alpha quadrant during this time frame.

Tactical Officer’s pesonal log, stardate 50505.5: We have made first contact with the Taurhai, they apparently have their own federation or union as they call it. However they are philosophically different from us in that they interfear in other races development, but bring them into the union with nonviolent teaching methods.

They also return the people taken from starbase 22, and request that we discontinue our experiments until they can be done safely. Since they scanned our records they allow us to scan theirs. We find out the following things; that their ships can break into 5 separate warships, that their ships can move up to 2160 lightyears in a single day( the Yorktown can only move 4.5 lightyears at warp 9.2 in a single day. ), that their replicators operate on the quantum level( ours only operate on the atomic level. ), they use ornate rods called Shem that are weapons, replicators, tricorders, subspace communicators, and smart weapons( meaning each one is attuned to an individual and only he/she may operate it. ), and that their system of government is a meritocracy( only the wisest and most capable rule. ).

We request to be taken to one of the newest worlds in the union, so we can evaluate the Taurhai method. The Taurhai agree and take us to a world roughly equivalent to Earth of WW2 technologically speaking. The command crew minus the Captain transports down to one of the major cities. We see the Taurhai teaching the natives to use Taurhai technology. We see that the natives have their own version of television, that the Taurhai are using to teach the natives, the message being not do as we say or else but rather try it and see what happens. Finally we visit the city jail and find out that only 42% of it is in use, with the numbers dropping steadily.

We set up a cultural exchange with the Tauhai and they send us home. First contact successful.


Tactical officer’s personal log, stardate 50467.1, Lt. Sornak reporting: It has taken us 45 hours at warp 9.2 to reach Psellias 3. We are welcomed by Taigu Sissal who seems very anxious to join the Federation. Commander Chiun, Lt. Commander Bradshaw, Dr. Ariane, and Lt. JG Nabliz all beam down to the planet. Gifts are exchanged and the landing party links up with Ambassador Cal West. While on the planet the landing party discovers that Psellian art is rather disturbing.

Day 1 before the surrender ceremony the landing party out exploring the city is confronted by a female Psellian who doesn’t believe the Federations good intentions. The landing party does its best to persuade her that the Federation is peaceful and asks her what proof she desires in order to see that the landing parties words are true. She says that we’ll speak again and departs.

Day 2 before the surrender ceremony the landing party explores outside the city, and finds a starving family of 10 who’s crops are failing. We beam down a hot meal and a months worth of rations. We also cure the blight on their crops and the Dr. cures their vitamin defiency. The ship monitors a Romulan transmission from the planets surface to the Romulan Neutral Zone. The source of the transmission appears to be a 200 year old Romulan vessel that crash landed on the planet. The landing party investigates the wreck and discovers that the com unit onboard the ship is working but that it is only a relay for whoever sent the transmission. The landing party deactivates the com unit.

Day 3 the armistice ceremony. The landing party is asked not to bring weapons and complies with the request. The ceremony is to take place on sacred ground. However the rebels spring a trap and capture the landing party as well as Taigu Sissal, his supporters as well as Ambassador West. Amongst the rebels is the women the landing party met on the first day. The leader of the rebels shows up with 6 armed Romulans in tow. The leader goes by the name Onar Pusa, but in reality is actually a Romulan Tal Shiar agent by the name of Tovik( the man most wanted by Commander Doleo of starfleet intelligence for crimes against the Federation ). Tovik imprisons his captives in a primitive dungeon and forces Taigu Sissal to send a message to the Romulan Star Empire asking its help in protecting Psellias 3 from the Federation.

Meanwhile in orbit around Psellias 3 the Yorktown falls under attack by the Romulan warbird D’ Vairin commanded by Commander Modex. Commander Modex wants the Yorktown to leave but we cannot do that. With genuine regret Commander Modex must follow his orders, and the battle continues between the Yorktown and D’ Vairin, each inflicting roughly the same damage on each other, thus the warbird has the advantage over us. But the D’ Vairin is not pressing the attack, in fact even though we’re still technically in battle, there is currently a lull in the battle for the D’ Vairin is not attacking.

Tactical Officer’s personal log, stardate 50467.4: The space battle is continuing, though sporadically, we have gained the upper hand for the moment.

Meanwhile Psellian commoners rescue all the prisoners. The former prisoners led by the landing party makes its way to the palace. Lt. JG Nabliz sneaks into the palace and singlehandedly takes out 2 Romulans and 1 rebel, while Commander Chiun takes out another Romulan. The landing party finds Tovik and Ruissi in the library, where Tovik is sanitizing Psellian history. Tovik spots the landing party and uses Ruissi as a shield. Dr. Ariane takes out Tovik.

Lt. JG Nabliz contacts the ship notifying us that Tovik is in custody. The Taigu sends another message to the Romulans uninviting them to Psellias 3. I contact Commander Modex informing him that Tovik and the rest of his Tal Shiar agents are in custody. After giving Commander Modex confirmation of a Tal Shiar presence on Psellias 3, he apologizes and departs. The Romulan attack fleet turns around and recrosses the neutral zone for home, while a Federation fleet shows up.

The armistice is signed and Psellias 3 has taken the first step in joining the Federation.

We return to starbase 39 Sierra for repairs and to hand over Tovik and the other Tal Shiar agents to Commander Doleo himself, Admiral Keil congratulates us herself. Another job welldone.

faithfully, Lt. Commander Sornak.

Do you see what I see

Tactical officer’s personal log supplemental:

Admiral Keil has ordered us to apprehend Orion freighter Captain Krelvin Dazz and his crew, who all have outstanding warrants for their arrest. Apparently the Romulans have contacted Starfleet and informed us that Captain Dazz has stolen something from them. Intelligence estimates that the Orions in question crossed the neutral zone back into Federation space 20 hours ago, at warp 6, heading toward Federation member Arteline 4. We find their ion trail and follow it at warp 9. As we start to catch up the ion trail forks, one fork continues to Arteline 4 the other to deep space. Sensors indicate that the ion trail going toward Arteline 4 is made by an unmanned drone. We follow the other trail and overtake the Orion. We are forced to disable the Orion ship. Lt. JG Nabliz leads the boarding parties to the Orion ship.

As we were following the Orion, Commander Chiun heard a psionic cry for help coming from the Orion ship. Lt. JG Nabliz discovers a Romulan female in stasis. The Orions are transferred to the Yorktown’s brig. Lt. Commander Bradshaw beams over with engineers to begin repairs to the Orion ship. We release the Romulan in stasis, she tells us her name is S’ Tel, and that she was born a telepath. S’ Tel also tells us that the Tal Shiar were experimenting on her in order to create other telepaths, and she requests asylum within the Federation.

We contact Admiral Keil and give her a full report, she orders us back to starbase 39 Sierra, and sends the Nebula class starship Hiromi to escort us back. Unfortunately a Romulan warbird decloaks and demands S’ Tel, we refuse and the warbird attacks us.

With the Hiromi’s help we ultimately destroy the warbird, but not before losing the Orion ship, sustaining 70% damage to the Yorktown, and most unfortunately losing 45 lives.

We limp back to starbase 39 Sierra for repairs. S’ Tel is granted asylum thus ending this mission.

Stardate 50467.1: Upon completing repairs Admiral Keil has given us our next assignment to Psellias 3, to witness the signing of an armistice between the government of Psellias 3 and the rebels. Also to assist ambassador Cal West in making sure the rebels cease hostilities so that Psellias 3 can continue to apply for Federation membership.


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