Star Trek: Yorktown

Last time on Star Trek: Yorktown...

When last we saw the Starship Yorktown…

The crew had just begun picking themselves up off the deck, having lost their footing when the ship was thrown some 70,000 Light-years from their previous position due to the actions of a very tortured and deranged yet brilliant mind. Suddenly broadcast on all channels, they hear these all to familiar words…

“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile”

On screen a Borg cube has just exited a Trans Warp conduit. However, much to the crew’s surprise, it does not seam that the cube has detected them. Instead it is heading for a nearby nebula. From out of the depths of said nebula, warships come streaking out to intercept the invader. Sensors detect the ships as…, no. it can’t be! Sensor readings indicate that those are Jem’Hadar Warships. We must have been thrown intot the Gamma Quadrant.

With a cry of “We are dead. Today we enter into battle to reclaim our lives. Victory is Life!” The Jem’Hadar ships begin their attack run on the cube causing moderate damage to the ship before it begins to adapt, at which point a couple of the battlecruisers engage their warp drives & ram the cube, obliterating it. However, before the cube’s destruction, one final tight burst message was sent, directed at the conduit, & within minutes an entire armada of Borg Cubes has suddenly appeared, blotting out the sky. Equally impressive is the matching Dominion fleet emerging from the nebula. The next intercepted communication chills the crew to the bone, as no one has ever heard this statement issued from the Borg before.

“We are the Borg. Your continued existence is a detriment to us. Prepare to be eliminated.” …

Operations officer's personal log,Stardate 50032.4, USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C, Lt. Sornak reporting:

A subspace tear has sent the Yorktown into the gamma quadrant outside a nebula. A Borg cube shows up and gives the usual assimilation speech to the Jem’ Hadar. Both sides kill each other. Then a Borg fleet shows up and tranmits the following message to the Jem’ Hadar " We are the Borg, your continued existance is a detriment to us prepare to be eliminated. " A gigantic battle ensues.

At this point acting captain Lt. Ron Chiun ( our regular captain seems to be missing a great amount of the time, I wonder if this has ever happened on another starship? ) decides to leave for the Bajoran wormhole at maximum cruising speed. Three Jem’ Hadar Attack Ships break off to pursue us. We manage to destroy all three pursuing fighters, taking only minor structural damage in return. Long range sensors appear to tell us that the Borg are actually losing. 53 hours later we reach the Bajoran wormhole and go through.

We discover DS-9 destoyed and Bajor a lifeless world. Bajor seems to have been destroyed by polaron weaponry approximately a year earlier. By scanning the system and finding the current planetary alignments, we discover that the stardate is 60087.2. Somehow we’ve been sent 10 years into the future!

We send a message to Earth. Admiral Janeway sends us a message back describing the current grim reality. Only through the efforts of a special new starship has Earth been able to survive the current war with the Jem’ Hadar. Our new orders are to return to Earth for immediate refit, in order to help fight the Jem’ Hadar.

Unfortunately a Jem’ Hadar battlecruiser drops out of trans-warp right in front of us. This ship apparently has Borg weaponry on top of its normal formidable armaments, further upon visual contact the crew has Borg implants. After brief negotiation the Jem’ Hadar promtly disables our ship and sends boarding parties over to capture our ship. I later learn that Lt. JG Rykk Nabliz was able to singlehandedly take out 6 of the enemy before being knocked out.

We wake up inside a prison cell and then Q shows up. Q explains that he’s responsible for sending us into the future so we could see what he calls our mistake in not handling the initial Borg/Jem’ Hadar encounter properly. Q continues to point out that the current situation is all our fault. After much blathering Q finally tells us what we can do to make things right. In our previous adventure which resulted in our being sent to the gamma quadrant in the first place, we encountered an engineer who was luring the Borg into traps using fake Omega particles. The plan is thus simple, Q sends us back in time to just before the Borg challenge the Jem’ Hadar. We place a false Omega particle on a long range probe and send the probe through the trans-warp conduit that the Borg used to enter the gamma quadrant. Upon sending the probe the Borg immediately leave the gamma quadrant never detecting or meeting the Jem’ Hadar thus preventing the future that Q sent us to.

With everything once again alright we again proceed to the Bajoran wormhole and 53 hours later go through.

We find DS-9 and Bajor the way they’re supposed to be. Captain Sisko is rather surprised to see us and Lt. Chiun explains what happened and requests to dock and commence shoreleave. Captain Sisko grants us both.

Our next assignment is just over the boarder in Klingon space to investigate a chronaton disturbance there. Once there we will be joined by the Klingon scout ship Klang in order to investigate this disturbance.

Operations officer's personal log, stardate 50162.7, USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C, Lt Sornak reporting:

Having arrived at the appropriate coordinates the IKV Klang has not shown up yet. After approaching the anomoly we discover the remains of the Klang. Sensor scans reveal that the damage was caused by old Federation technology such as might be found from a refitted constitution class starship. After checking the ships computer archives we discover 2 facts, first that this area of space used to be Federation territory before the Gorkon initiative and second that a total of 5 Federation starships mysteriously disappeared from that era including the original Yorktown.
The Klingons send us a very angry message, accusing us of treachery yadda yadda yadda and demand that we fix the situation or else.
We discover the aggressor’s ion trail and follow it, catching up to them in 20 hours time. The aggressor turns out to be the Yorktown, commanded by captain Allan Hall. After a little convincing they finally believe that they’ve been flung into the future. Captain Hall and his command crew beam over and are given the tour of the ship. Captain Hall becomes agitated and angry upon dicovering the intervening history from his time to ours and wants to return to his ship immediately, in order to return to his time and change history.
The Klingons show up with one Vor’Cha class battlecruiser and two K’Vort birds of prey. After some convincing the Klingons finally agree to let us fix this situation ourselves.
While we negotiated with the Klingons, Captain Hall fled with his ship back towards the anomoly. Overtaking them we use a inverse graviton pulse through the main deflector array to temporarily knock them out of warp drive and put them in a tractor beam. First they tried to outmaneuver us, but only succeeded in damaging their own engines. Then they tried using a feedback pulse to break the tractor lock, but only succeeded in burning out their main deflector array, thus disabling their ship.
Later we closed the anomoly with an anti-tachyon beam and towed the original Yorktown to starbase 105, thus allowing starfleet to handle the fate of the original Yorktown and its crew.
Stardate 50173.2: Dr. Ariane 496 has found a treatment for the Trill transporter sickness.
Further our next assignment is to go to New Shanghai colony 15 lightyears along the Klingon boarder in order to investigate a biological catastrophe!
This ends my personal log for now, faithfully yours Lt. Sornak.

Nobody Knows the Tribbles I've Seen

Chief Medical Officer’s Log: Stardate 50212.7 USS Yorktown NCC-1717C Doctor Ariane-496 reporting.
The Yorktown responds to a distress call from the New Shanghai colony. The broadcast mentioned only “A biological catastrophe.” A relatively new colony, New Shanghai is an agricultural world on lease from the Ferengi. Without the infrastructure of a more developed world, a plague would decimate them. As it turned out, a plague would have been easier to deal with.

But yes, I would call tribbles a biological catastrophe. I beamed down with Lt Cmdr Bradshaw, and Security Chief Rykk to speak with Colony Administrator Hansen. Unchecked, the tribbles will wreak havoc on the planet’s ecosystem. If that wasn’t bad enough, they’re also destroying the colony’s cash crops. If the colony can’t make the next lease payment, it will be evicted. I leave with samples, and begin working on a solution. I leave the others speculating on possible sabotage and a means of containment.

Soon enough we are hailed by a Klingon Vor’cha cruiser. They are also responding to the colony’s distress call. They give us 24 hours to solve the crisis, before they take care of it their own way. When I spoke with them to compare notes I found that ‘their way’ involved orbital bombardment. Apparently Klingons take their ecology VERY seriously.

I’m surprised at the rate tribbles reproduce. Indeed, this batch is multiplying fast, even for tribbles. I attempt to investigate further.
A scan of the planet reveals a rich deposit of latinum. A perfect motive for sabotage by those who stand to gain the most from it: the Ferengi landlords. But how to prove it?

Administrator Hansen was most surprised to hear about the latinum…unfortunately it would not be able to be mined before the lease had to be payed. Well, a ‘test’ firing of the ships phasers ‘accidentally’ uncovered the deposit. Perhaps they could have a head start.

The tribbles have been genetically engineered, with their reproductive metabolism amped up. Also, some of the older ones register transporter enegry residue….they have been transported recently. I relay this info to the bridge, and suggest that a cloaked vessel may be nearby.

Captain Chiun tells the Klingon ship of his suspicions, and the hunt is on. The two ships take orbits on opposite sides of the planet to scan for cloaked ships and find…nothing. As a last ditch effort, an ongoing scan for transporter activity is initiated, and then pays off. There, masked by the planet’s north magnetic pole, is a Ferengi shuttle. Inside are Liquidator Molg and his assistants, and a human. Molg is outraged at the intrusion, but one of his associates spills the beans and confesses the entire plot. The human, an Argellian bioengineer named Ahrena apparently was the one who engineered the tribbles. With his notes, I am able to create a retro-virus that will bring the tribbles reproduction rates to normal.
The ships phasers, set on widebeam stun, leave the tribbles motionless and easy to collect, but it still takes nearly everyone to collect and contain them, and load them into several cargo ships. The destination: Tribble Prime…the Klingons hunted down every last tribble, but left the rest of the ecosystem virtually intact. There, the tribbles will stay, where their natural predators will nibble away at their numbers.

I’m glad we found a place to leave our tribbles behind.

It's not easy being Green

Chief Medical Officer’s Log: Stardate 50233.4 USS Yorktown NCC-1717C Doctor Ariane-496 reporting.

After a rendezvous with the USS Ticonderoga, the Yorktown is delivering Admiral Edward Proudfoot Sr. to Starbase 39 Sierra, near the Romulan Neutral Zone. There he is to meet with his Romulan counterparts to negotiate for the release of Emerson Aymes, a Federation citizen who sneaked into Romulan territory.
Tensions seem to be high. We’ve received a briefing by Commander Doleo, the head of Starfleet Intelligence in this area. He seems rather paranoid, but I suppose it is his job.

We pick up a distress signal, and head to check it out. The Admiral will have to put up with the delay. We find an Orion merchant ship, the OMS Komarion, adrift. It has suffered a photonic induction failure, and is flooded with radiation. The away team beams down, and I begin treating the crew, while the engineers begin repairs.
The Orions are dressed in fine outfits, and the ship is stylish and elegant…at least on the inside. If they had spent half as much on maintaining the ship, it would never have had a problem.

The Captain, Mulio Smug, allows most of the crew to be evacuated while the ship is irradiated. He leaves a few on board to help with the repairs. He also has us beam over a container full of medicine, en route to Psiellus III, currently suffering from a plague. The container is guarded by two Orions at all times.
Most of the injuries are minor, but one Orion had severe plasma burns, and another, the Chief Engineer, had a heart attack.

Engineer Bradshaw reports that repairs will take a significant amount of time. Captain Smug finds this unacceptable; the plague on Psiellus III can’t wait. He asks us to deliver the medicine while towing his ship, repairing it on the way.
So, we shall have some guests for a while. This may prove interesting.

Operations officer's personal log 50233.4, USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C, Lt. Sornak reporting:

We have picked up admiral Edward Proudfoot senior in order to deliver him to starbase 39 Sierra for diplomatic talks with the Romulans. Along the way we find a disabled Orion freighter and render assistance. We bring most of the Orion crew onboard because it’s going to be several days before the Orion ship can be repaired. The Orion chief engineer is sent to sickbay to recover from both a heart attack and radiation sickness. Dr. Ariane 496 saves his life.

We encrypt our computers to prevent our Orion guests from gaining access to sensitive material. The Orions bring their cargo over to our cargo bay for safe keeping telling us its medical supplies for the planet Pselles 3. However in doing a count of the Orions we seem to be coming up 1 short in the tally. We initiate an internal sensor scan to find out exactly how many people are actually on board ship, this takes 5 hours.

During this time captain Smug of the Orions gives Lt. Commander Chiun a small holographic device of a dancing Orion slavegirl as a gift for assisting them. Further captain Smug asks permission if a few of his people can perform for the crew, and permission is granted and is to take place in 10 forward.

Shortly after that security detects a breach in the computer systems and pinpoints the source from one of the cabins belonging to the Orions on deck 6. Lt jg Rykk Nabliz takes the Orion into custody for questioning. The files in question were personal files of the crew, fortunately none of the files were of deck plans or sensitive tactical data of the ship. Shortly after that the internal sensor scan is completed and we discover 1 extra person on board. After removing all those wearing com-badges 63 remain unaccounted for. After 40 minutes of additional scanning the anomoly is pinpointed on the stardrive section in cargo bay 1 where the Orion cargo is stored. The scan reveals one Vulcanoid life form, further scans reveal the lifeform to be Romulan. At this time scans pick up unauthorized communications from the captains ready room. On inspection the communications appear to be coming from the gift captain Smug gave to Lt. Comander Chiun. Eventually Lt. jg Nabiiz captures the Romulan spy Rokan and throws her in the brig. The rest of the Orions join her. Dr. Ariane 496 discovers that the medication for the people of Pselles 3 is useless to them and starts working on medicine that will help save them.

We drop admiral Proudfoot off at starbase 39 Sierra and give him custody of the Romulan spy, so he can use her as his ace in the hole against the Romulans in his negotiations with them. Further we also keep the situation with the Orions under wraps, for the admiral feels that everything is related and needs every card he can play against the Romulans.

Operation Officers personal log, Stardate 50300.1, USS Yorktown, NCC-1717-C

We recieved order to recover a cultural observation team and dismantal their base in the Palin system. A primitive humanoid race inhabits the surface of the planet with approximately mid 1300’s Earth equivolent tech. We were successful in evacuating the team with out causing any cultural contamination.

Operations officer's personal log stardate 50310.7, USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C, Lt. Sornak reporting:

On routine patrol of the Romulan Neutral Zone, we discover the Romulan warbird Sha’ Arik uncloaked and adrift in the zone. We decide to investigate. Sensor scans report that the power systems are functioning normally but no life signs aboard, and no apparent damage to the ship. We beam over several boarding parties in decontamination suits.

We find 2,000 dead Romulans onboard with no external trauma, but with extensive damage to their internal organs. Dr. Ariane 496 finds sickbay overloaded with dead Romulans. Lt. Commander Ron Bradshaw finds a hidden empty canister in life support, that had been set to go off 28 hours ago. Lt. JG Rykk Nabliz finds an odd device attached to the underside of the operations station. We use our tricorders to link up to the ships computer and translate the Romulan language for us. Dr. 496 taps into the chief medical officer’s log and dicovers that the crew started to come down with fever 20 hours ago. Further that the Romulan Dr. thought the disease to be Vidorian Fever, but that the usual cure didn’t work. We check the ships logs and discover that the Sha’ Arik was ordered off its patrol by the Tal Shiar, in order to clandestinely observe Federation listening posts. The Tal Shiar had evidently boarded the Sha’ Arik and departed just before the trouble began. Apparently the Romulan commander died during his last log entry detailing the grim reality aboard his ship.

Another Romulan warbird shows up. The usual threats ensue, and the landing party finds itself surrounded by twice as many Romulans who aren’t wearing decontamination suits. Eventually calmer heads prevail and we are given an hour to prove what happened by Commander Modex.

Lt. Commander Bradshaw brings the canister to sickbay for testing, while Sub Commander Galtus allows Lt. Nabliz to remove the device from under the operations station. Sub Commander Galtus instantly recognizes the device to be Romulan in origin. Meanwhile Dr. 496 has discovered that the canister contained a broad spectrum( meaning it can affect almost any race ) weaponized aerosol version of Vidorian Fever, which the Dr. names Vidorian Fever B. We also discover that 2 of our crews decontamination suits have failed, the first one belonging to one of Dr. 496’s medical personal and the second to Lt. Commander Bradshaw. Both are now infected with the disease. Dr. 496 is now racing against time to find a cure.
The hour is up and we present our findings to Commander Modex. Our evidence convinces Commander Modex of our innocence in this affair, but still wants his own science officers to verify our findings and they do. The canister is identified as one that is used by Romulan spy agencies, and the other device is identified as a tool to deactivate the ships cloaking device. The bad news is that all the Romulans that beamed over got infected and some beamed back and infected Commander Modex’s ship as well.

While the Dr. is trying to find the cure some of Modex’s men on both warbirds plan to mutiny. Lt. Commander Ron Chiun sends marines in decontamination suits over to Modex’s ship to help put down the mutiny there.

Back on the other warbird Lt. JG Nabliz, Sub Commander Galtus, myself, and 6 others( 3 Feds & 3 loyal Romulans ) prepare to defend sickbay from the mutineers. Unfortunately Lt. Commander Bradshaw in a state of delirium starts waving his phaser around dangerously forcing me to use the Vulcan nerve pinch on him. Bradshaw goes down and the Dr. quickly sedates him. We quickly and expertly put down the mutineers and throw them in the brig.

It takes Dr. 496 a total of 13 hours to find a cure, which is immediately synthesized on all 3 ships and administired to all the sick personnel saving their lives just in time. Further a vaccine is made for those not infected to prevent them from contracting the disease.
Finally we return to our ship and part in peace with Commander Modex and his crew, as they tow the Sha’ Arik back to Romulan space.

This ends my personal log for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Sornak.

Operations officer's personal log stardate 50315.3, USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C, Lt. Sornak reporting

We have returned to starbase 39 Sierra after the Sha’ Arik adventure. Admiral Keil the sector commander, Captain Jorak commander starbase 22, and Commander Doleo starfleet intelligence debrief us personally. The information we reveal about the previous mission disturbs them deeply.

Our next assignment is to rendevous with the starship Laredo and pick up Dr. Suklar a Romulan physicist, then ferry him to the USS Montgomery which is studying Collapsar 49( a blackhole thats sending out warp wave emissions ).

After picking up Dr. Suklar near the Uiono’s star system( which is a starfleet weapons practice range ), we discover a derelict ship in orbit around the first planet. Further investigation reveals that there are actually 2 ships there, but the second is just rubble. The first ship is identified as the USS Armstrong, lost 200 years ago at the start of the Earth-Romulan war. Dr. Suklar identifies the other ship as the Radix, a Romulan Tellus class starship, from his own historical memories of the war. We send a boarding party over in EVA suits and access the computer core of the ship, finding the captains last log entry. Captain Yammamoto’s final log talks about victory over the Romulans, that his ship is disabled, and the hope of Earth coming to rescue them soon. Further examination of the Armstrong reveals all the shuttles and most of the life pods missing. The landing party returns to the Yorktown.

We immediately start scanning the planet. A gravitic implosion occurs near the planets south pole and a transmission is intercepted revealing that the descendants of both the Armstrong and the Radix are living under the planets surface and are still fighting the Earth-Romulan war of 200 years ago.

Asking for guidance from starfleet, we are ordered to resovle the situation and Dr. Suklar is appointed Romulan ambassador by the Romulan high command. After contacting both sides, we send a landing party to each. Lt. Commander Bradshaw, Dr. 496, and myself beam down to the Human camp, while Dr. Suklar and Lt. JG Nabliz donning a Romulan naval uniform, beam down to the Romulan camp. After speaking to each side it becomes apparent that neither side wishes to end hostilities.
Lt. Commander Bradshaw tricks the current Captain Yammamoto and has us beamed up to the ship, the tranporter chief disarms Yammamoto’s people and beams them to the brig to cool off. Then we send a detachment of marines with phasers on stun to capture the rest of the Humans down below and we beam them to cargo bay one where Dr. 496 starts treating them immediately.

Meanwhile Lt. JG Nabliz realizing that the Romulans only have martial weapons quickly stuns all of them and disables their last gravitic bomb, then has all the Romulans beamed to cargo bay two.

We are currently heading to the Neutral Zone to meet up with Commander Modex’s ship
to return the Romulan nationals we have on board. Along the way Admiral Proudfoot will rendevous with us to handle the negotiations.

This ends my personal log for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Sornak.

Operations officer's persoal log supplemental

We will rendevous with the warbird D’ Vairin commanded by Commander Modex in 6 days. Admiral Proudfoot randevous with us en route to the meeting via runabout USS Hudson bringing 4 others with him, 1 human James Jones his aid, 1 betazed Lt. Rhiems from starfleet intelligence, and 2 vulcans Lt. Stellock and T’ Ral.
We brief Admiral Proudfoot and his companions in on all relavent information concerning the current situation. Admiral Proudfoot and Dr. Suklar are in agreement, that all data and material concerning the gravimetric bomb must be destroyed. Further that the knowledge within the minds of our Romulan guests can and will be erased, so that the Romulans can’t duplicate their work on the gravimetric bomb. It is also decided that our Romulan guests won the battle planetside in order that they save face and therefore are able to be welcomed back into Romulan society.

Unexplained occurences are happening onboard ship. First internal sensors detect a small burst of Gamma rays indicating a small matter/ anti-matter reaction, second a micro communications burst is discovered between 2 locations, and third 2 components from the gravimetric bomb are missing.

Biometric and voice print ID of Admiral Proudfoot are the only recorded entries of anyone entering the locked lab where the gravimetric bomb is stored. However logs also indicate that Admiral Proudfoot was in holodeck 2 at the same time. How can he be in 2 places at the same time? Lt. JG Nabliz discovers the missing components inside the Admiral’s runabout and sends them to the lab for testing as evidence. Lt Commander Chiun discovers 2( 2 second ) gaps in the runabouts log. The tests on the components comes back and that Admiral Proudfoot’s DNA is found on them. However there is a quantum level variation in the DNA, meaning that someone has replicated the Admirals DNA on the components. The conclusion is that someone or several someones are trying to frame the Admiral. We must discover who is behind this plot and time is running out.

This ends my pesonal log for now, faithfully yours, Lt. Sornak.


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