Star Trek: Yorktown

Captain's Log Stardate 51011.7

Errand of Peace

The war has not been going well, 4th fleet has nearly 50% losses. After repairing at starbase 375, we are ordered to patrol the Cardassian border. Intelligence reports that the Dominion are experimenting on subspace weaponry and have been sighted in the area. Sensors detect a subspace distortion in our area, we go and investigate it. We reach the area of the distortion and discover a large rift leaking neutrinos and gravitons. We launch a probe into the rift and the rift quickly expands and engulfs us damaging our engines and knocking us out.

We wake up and discover that propulsion, shields, and weapons are offline. Sensors indicate that we are several hundred lightyears from our last known location. Further scans reveal we are still in our reality, in the Organian system, and have been pulled back in time to when Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock were stranded there. An Organian comes to the ship and asks us to beam down representatives to their council chamber to discuss a matter of grave urgency. Sensors detect a Romulan warbird from our own era already in orbit but with a different quantum signature from our own, further the warbird seems to be armed with Federation weaponry.

After repairs are made to the engines, the command crew beams down to the council chamber. We have been assured that with the exception of the Romulans all others will see us as Organians, thus protecting the timeline. The Romulan command crew is there to meet us as well, their ships name is the Liberator. The Organians explain that they must make a decision to either stop the Federation-Klingon war or remain neutral and allow the Federation-Klingon war to continue. If they stop the war our timeline will continue and the history that we know will be preserved. If they don’t stop the war then the Romulans timeline will continue and history from our point of view will be changed.

In their history the Federation wins the war, and the Romulans conquer the rest of Klingon space including Qo’ Nos. Our duty is clear we need to convince the Organians to preserve our timeline. Dr. Ariane and Lt. Nabliz succeed in convincing the Organians in preserving our timeline. The Organians inform us that they know what will happen in both timelines and that the Romulans were planning to betray and attack the Federation in their timeline, but needed to hear our arguments anyway before they could make their decision one way or the other. We have defeated the Romulans again and in so doing saved our history and our timeline.

The Organians send us back home, to our time and the place that we left when we first entered the rift. The rift is now closed but 6 Jem’ Hadar attack craft are closing on our position.



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